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Looking for a handyman?
Not enough time or skills to take on a DIY job yourself? Bom Klusbedrijf can help!

We can realise many different types of home and garden improvements, from paintwork, woodwork & repairs, taps, locks and doors to putting together furniture, installing appliances & aids, cleaning up or clearing out, various gardening activities, paintwork, installing floors and much more besides.

Our basis is in Lijnden, centrally located between Haarlem and Amsterdam, which gives us a substantial work range. All our transport is electric!

About us
My name is Jorn Bom and I started Bom Klusbedrijf in 2019. After years of being a handyman for fun outside of my office job, I decided it was time for a change. I have always been passionate about DIY in and around our house, and I’ve helped out many friends and acquaintances too. I hope to facilitate many more people in the future.

I live on the Ringvaart in Lijnden, ideally located between Haarlem and Amsterdam, with my wife Akke.

Approach and rates
Would you like to receive a quote for your task? Send us as much information as you can, and we will draw up a specified proposal. If you have any photos, please add them to your request. The more information we have in advance, the better!

Send your request to: info@bomklusbedrijf.nl

In some cases, it may be necessary to visit the location in person to assess the situation.

  • We apply a standard hourly rate of € 42.50 excluding VAT. Of course, specific agreements can be made for larger projects.
  • For indoor painting we can arrange a square meter price depending on the number of meters.

If you agree with my proposal, we will start planning when the activities will be performed. Should it become apparent that extra work will be needed while the activities are ongoing, we will first discuss the details with you to prevent any unwelcome surprises.

As soon as the job is finished, we will check the work done together for your approval based on the proposal. Only then will we send the final invoice, where applicable.

  • Any materials required for the activities will be charged at cost price plus a 10% surcharge.
  • We don’t charge a call-out fee, but consider our departure time from Lijnden as the time the work starts.
  • If any specific equipment is required, it will be charged at cost price.
  • In consultation, multi-day jobs may be subject to a project fee.
  • We try to be as environmentally-friendly in our work with regard to the materials and methods used. All our transport is electric!
  • We are a no-smoking company and will not produce any unnecessary noise at the work site (no radios and such).
  • Upon request and against a slightly higher fee, we can also perform work in weekends and holidays.
  • Any waste resulting from the activities will be separated and delivered to the local recycling point. We charge a fee of € 60.- per m3 for waste removal

Contact information

Bom Klusbedrijf
E-mail: info@bomklusbedrijf.nl
Phone: 0031 6 47965349
Lijnderdijk 236
Lijnden, Holland

General terms & conditions

Article 1. Definitions
The following definitions apply in these terms & conditions:
Bom Klusbedrijf
Bom Klusbedrijf
1175KH Lijnden
CoC: 75941317

the counterparty that employs Bom Klusbedrijf

Article 2. Applicability
1. These terms & conditions apply to any proposal made by Bom Klusbedrijf and any agreement between Bom Klusbedrijf and a client for which Bom Klusbedrijf declared them applicable, insofar as both parties did not explicitly deviate from them in writing.
2. These terms & conditions also apply to all agreements with Bom Klusbedrijf that require the involvement of third parties.

Article 3. Proposals
1. Any proposals drawn up by Bom Klusbedrijf are free from obligations and valid for a period of 30 days unless stated otherwise. Bom Klusbedrijf is only bound to the proposal if it is accepted by the counterparty in writing within 30 days.
2. The proposal will individually indicate the amount excluding VAT, the VAT due and any other applicable government taxes or levies.
Any costs to be made in the framework of the agreement, such as shipping and administration costs, will also be individually indicated in the proposal.
3. Submitted proposals do not automatically apply to future activities.

Article 4. Call-out fee
Bom Klusbedrijf does not charge a call-out fee, but applies departure time from the company’s address as its starting time.

Article 5. Realisation of the agreement
1. Bom Klusbedrijf will realise the agreement to its best insights and capacity.
2. In the preparations and realisation of the job at hand, Bom Klusbedrijf will take into account the client’s wishes insofar as reasonably possible.
3. Bom Klusbedrijf must inform the client of:
-inaccuracies in the commissioned work insofar as Bom Klusbedrijf is or should reasonably be aware of them;
-inaccuracies in the constructions and methods desired by the client;
-identifiable faults of the (im)movable property where the work is taking place;
-faults in or unsuitableness of materials or tools made available for the realisation of the work insofar as Bom Klusbedrijf identifies them during the work and regarding which Bom Klusbedrijf can be considered knowledgeable.
4. The client must ensure that Bom Klusbedrijf can perform its activities in a timely and proper way.
5. If the client does not comply with any agreements (in due time or insufficiently), the client must pay for any reasonably related damages.
6. The clients indemnifies Bom Klusbedrijf for damages caused by:
– inaccuracies in the commissioned work or supplied information;
– inaccuracies in the constructions and methods desired by the client;
– identifiable faults of the (im)movable property where the work is taking place;
– faults in or unsuitableness of materials or tools made available for the realisation of the work.
7. Bom Klusbedrijf can employ third parties for performing the activities if so required.

Article 6. Contract term; realisation term
1. If a term has been agreed upon for completing certain activities during the term of the agreement, this term is never considered firm. If the realisation term is to be exceeded, Bom Klusbedrijf will inform the client thereof.
2. If the client does not agree, they must inform Bom Klusbedrijf thereof within 5 working days in writing.

Article 7. Changes to the agreement
1. If, during the realisation of the agreement, it becomes clear that the activities should be changed or expanded in order to properly realise the commissioned work, parties will adapt the agreement in time and in mutual consultation.
2. If both parties agree to change or expand the agreement, this may affect the time of competition in which case Bom Klusbedrijf will inform the client thereof as soon as possible.
3. If the change or expansion of the agreement has financial and/or qualitative consequences, Bom Klusbedrijf will inform the client thereof in advance.
4. If a fixed fee was agreed upon, Bom Klusbedrijf will indicate to what extent the change or expansion of the agreement will result in extra costs.

Article 8. Complications
1. If any complications should occur, Bom Klusbedrijf will inform the client thereof as soon as possible.
2. If a complication results in it not being possible to (safely) continue the work, Bom Klusbedrijf will halt all activities.
3. If a complication requires immediate action, Bom Klusbedrijf will take action, even if the client cannot be reached.
4. Any extra costs made by Bom Klusbedrijf due to a complication which requires immediate action in Bom Klusbedrijf’s opinion and which are reasonable in view of limiting the damage will be compensated by the client.
5. If a complication does not demand immediate action, the client can decide to commission extra or less work.

Article 9. Termination
1. Claims from Bom Klusbedrijf toward the client are immediately claimable in the following cases:
-If conditions learned about by Bom Klusbedrijf after the agreement was established give Bom Klusbedrijf good reason to fear that the client won’t fulfil their commitments;
-If, upon establishing the agreement, Bom Klusbedrijf asked the client for a security for compliance and this security is not provided or insufficient.
-In aforementioned cases, Bom Klusbedrijf has the right to postpone the further realisation of the agreement or to terminate the agreement without prejudice to Bom Klusbedrijf’s right to claim damages.

Article 10. Payment
1. Payments must be made within 14 days after the invoicing date as indicated by Bom Klusbedrijf.
2. For work that takes more than a week, an invoice will be sent to the client on a weekly basis, including a declaration of the hours spent and materials purchased in said week. The invoice will be paid by the client at the latest 5 working days after the invoicing date.
3. Bom Klusbedrijf applies pre-payment of the estimated material costs unless otherwise agreed in writing.
4. If the client fails to comply with the payment obligations, Bom Klusbedrijf has the right to postpone activities

Article 11. Ownership
1. All items (to be) delivered by Bom Klusbedrijf will continue to be its property until the client has fulfilled all its obligations toward Bom Klusbedrijf regarding the related, previous and future similar deliveries of any activities (to be) performed by Bom Klusbedrijf as well as any claims from Bom Klusbedrijf toward the client resulting from the client not fulfilling its obligations toward Bom Klusbedrijf.
2. Materials not used by Bom Klusbedrijf will continue to be the property of Bom Klusbedrijf.

Article 12. Liability
1. Bom Klusbedrijf is liable for the delivery of items up to the work site; once at the work site, these items fall under the responsibility and liability of the client.
2. Bom Klusbedrijf is not liable for damages of whatever nature that result from incorrect and/or incomplete information provided by the client to Bom Klusbedrijf.
3. Bom Klusbedrijf is only liable for direct damage.
4. Direct damage only involves the reasonable costs to determine the cause and scope of the damage insofar as the determination is related to damage as intended in these terms & conditions; any reasonably made costs made to have the poor performance of Bom Klusbedrijf fulfil the obligations from the agreement, insofar as they can be attributed to Bom Klusbedrijf; and any reasonable costs made to prevent or limit damage insofar as the client can prove the costs resulted in limitation of the direct damage as intended in these terms & conditions. Bom Klusbedrijf is never liable for indirect damages, including consequential damage, lost profits, missed savings and damages due to company standstill.

Article 13. Suspended payment
1. If the delivered work is not in compliance with the agreement, the client has the right to suspend payment insofar as the suspended amount is in reasonable proportion to the identified fault.
2. If the suspended amount is not in reasonable proportion to the identified fault, Bom Klusbedrijf retains the right to charge the statutory interest on the surplus suspended amount.

Article 14. Force majeure
1. In addition to what is stated in legislation and jurisprudence, force majeure in these terms & conditions means any external causes, foreseen or unforeseen, which Bom Klusbedrijf cannot influence, but due to which Bom Klusbedrijf is unable to fulfil its obligations.
2. Bom Klusbedrijf has the right to claim force majeure if the circumstances that prevent (further) fulfilment starts after Bom Klusbedrijf should have fulfilled its obligations.
3. In force majeure circumstances, the obligations of Bom Klusbedrijf are postponed. If the period in which fulfilment of the obligations by Bom Klusbedrijf is impossible lasts longer than 2 months, both parties are authorised to terminate the agreement without there being any obligations to pay damages.
4. If Bom Klusbedrijf has already fulfilled part of its obligations, or can only fulfil part of its obligations, when the force majeure circumstances begin, he has the right to invoice the (to be) performed activities separately and the client is obligated to pay this invoice as if it involved an individual contract. This does not apply if the (to be) performed activities do not have any individual value.

Article 15. Warrantee
1. Complaints about the performed activities must be reported to Bom Klusbedrijf by the client in writing within 5 working days after discovery or delivery of said activities.
2. Bom Klusbedrijf guarantees that any faults discovered within a period of 6 months after delivery will be resolved free of charge, unless it can be shown that the faults are not a result of the actions or negligence of Bom Klusbedrijf.
3. The warrantee as referred to in point 2 only applies to faults that could not have been identified by the client before they were found and were reported to Bom Klusbedrijf in writing as soon as possible after identification.
4. The warrantee only applies to contracts signed by both parties, to normal use and maintenance of the materials, and after full payment of all claimable amounts.

Article 16. Disputes
1. All disputes are subject to Dutch law.

2. The English version of these terms & conditions involves a courtesy translation. In case of disputes, the Dutch version always prevails.